Ethereal, colorful textiles are created by hand dyeing or painting on silk fabric and sometimes adding wool fiber. Each piece is made one at a time, and so becomes a singular work of art.


Process:  The silk is first washed and ironed, then cut and sewn into a garment using silk thread. Next it is dyed or painted with professional grade dyes which are permanently set. The dyes are applied in different ways such as shibori, a Japanese method of resisting dyes leaving patterns on the fabric; pouring the dyes randomly over the silk  and letting them find their own way through the crinkles and folds; or painting freehand onto stretched silk so the colors flow and blend like watercolors. Other pieces are first dyed in a large pot, then colored wool fiber is felted into the fabric*. 


*Felting involves laying fine merino wool fiber onto the fabric and then carefully wetting, then rubbing it until the fiber goes through the fabric and shrinks, becoming part of the fabric itself. Because the fiber shrinks, but the fabric does not, it results in beautiful ruching and crinkling.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and mostly from the nature around me - the textures in a decaying leaf, or how the color of the ocean changes with the wind. 


Each garment is one of a kind, and made to be worn.

All pieces are hand washable in cool water, using gentle soap. Dry cleaning is also an option. 

I present my work at several art festivals each year. Please see the Events page for my current schedule.